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General Practice 2018

About Conference


Conferenceseries llc LTD in conjunction with its institutional partners and Editorial Board Members, is delighted to invite you all to the 3rd  International Conference on General Practice & Primary Care going to be held at August 16-17, 2018 Madrid, Spain.

Designation Statement

The theme of the conference is “Bringing Innovations into Patient Care through Practice Based Research”. General Practice 2018 is the chief occasion that unites all the Healthcare experts, General Physician professionals, Nurses and Practice Physicians to find the most recent advancements in Health care, find out about the novel ways to be followed in General Practice. The General practice meeting causes every one of the representatives to get refreshed with the issues important to the general practice and the most recent innovative improvements. The meeting gives a lot of chances to learn new abilities and trade thoughts. The meeting additionally provides organizing Opportunities.


About Organizers:

Conference Series llc LTD is the world’s leading specialist in organizing Academic, Scientific and Business conferences, meetings, symposiums and exhibitions in different verticals and horizontals like Medical, Pharma, Engineering, Science, Technology and Business to promote scientific research. Every year we host more than 3000+ global events inclusive of 1000+ Conferences 1000+ Symposiums 1000+ Workshops in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia with the generous support and cooperation from our 30000+ Editorial Board Members1000+ Scientific Societies. All the conference proceedings are published in the special issues of our 700+ Open Access International Journals with the DOI provided by CROSSREF.

Target Audience:

Benefits of Attending:

  • Exchange ideas and network with leading physicians, general practitioners, family practitioners, Nurse practitioners and other experts from more than 40 countries
  • Discuss quality initiatives that can be applied in the practice
  • Discuss ways to collaborate in putting quality initiatives in place throughout the General medicine and General Practice
  • Participants can gain direct access to a core audience of professionals and decision makers and can increase visibility through branding and networking at the conference
  • Learn and discuss key news and challenges with senior level speakers.
  • With presentations, panel discussions, roundtable discussions, and workshops, we cover every topic from top to bottom, from global macro issues to strategies to tactical issues.

We hope to see you at General Practice 2018!



Sessions and Tracks

Conference Series llc LTD invites all the participants from all over the world to attend “3rd International Conference on General Practice & Primary Care” during August 16-17, 2018 at Madrid, Spain.  We invite all the healthcare professionals to attend this general practice conference and this conference includes a range of active learning modules, workshops, sessions, short paper and poster presentations. The theme of the conference is "Bringing Innovations into Patient Care through Practice Based Research"

General Practice Conference Highlights:

General Practice and Primary Care :

Primary care services worldwide are highly developed. Well known for their general practices and practitioners, the primary care service model is respected and replicated by all the countries across the world. The Market size of primary care sector is establishing and developing over the last fifty years. Primary care is a crucial part of an integrated, comprehensive and mature healthcare system. In developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, Asia majority of the largest corporations employ approximately 15% of GPs and manage 5% of their respective country's general practice. The 2015 annual report indicates employment of 17 000 staff members over all operations, including 45 hospitals for in- and out-patients (Health scope, 2015b). The report also states that over two million GP consultations were completed in the previous 12 months. Latest statistics suggest that increase in funding will increase by $2.5 billion a year, in order to increase the workforce of GP’s by another 5,000 by 2020.

General Practice and Cancer and Palliative care:

Cancer and its treatment often cause side effects. Palliative Care is one such approach that relieves a person’s symptoms and sides effects caused due to cancer treatment. Palliative care mainly focuses on reducing symptoms, improving quality of life and supporting patients and their families. In order to widespread the importance of palliative care World Health organization has adopted a resolution on early palliative care on 2014. In high income countries, upto 80% of the people who die could benefit from palliative care much earlier in their illness. Pain is reported as a very prevalent symptom rated as very distressing in 56–61% of patients. Carers describe high levels of poorly controlled pain in general practice, in 33–48% of patients compared to GP reports of 16% of patients. In the last year of life, anxiety is also a common symptom, in 32–78% of palliative patients.


General Practice and Cardiology:

From 2001 through 2010, the percentage of adults with multiple chronic conditions rose from 22% up to 25%. Because the adult population is around 70 million, this seemingly small increase represents over 2 million additional adults with multiple chronic conditions. Overall 87 percent are recruiting cardiologists during the next 24 months. A Recent study finds that between 1981 – 2000 coronary heart disease (CHD) dropped by 62 percent among males and by 51 percent among females. Patients managed in general practice were older (mean age 79 years (S.D. 8.5) and more often female than "cardiology patients" (mean age 64 years). Ischaemic heart disease (31 vs. 57%) was more prevalent in "cardiology patients". Additional investigations such as chest radiography (51% vs. 84%), electrocardiography (39% vs. 100%), and (Doppler-) echocardiography (12% vs. 97%) were performed more often in "cardiology patients". Most patients received diuretics (85% vs.79%). Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (40% vs. 76%), beta-blockers (9% vs. 30%), spironolactone (11% vs. 32%), and angiotensin-II-antagonists (6% vs. 13%) were prescribed much more often to "cardiology patients".


General Practice and Child Health:

General practice for child health is a preparatory idea that has imperative part as a rule wellbeing research.  According to the studies conducted, 91% of the GP surgeries wished to continue providing CHS services, although the 1991 and 2004 revised contract provided the option to opt out of the CHS services. According to the recent studies it may be noted that 14 out of 33 GP (42.5%) had actually worked as paediatric senior house officer (SHO) whereas 5 responded as having no training (15%). The survey revealed that 9% of the GP surgeries responded as having opted out of the CHS activities, appointment of some part-time GP or health practitioners with special interest dedicated towards conducting CHS activities were thought necessary. The 1990 GP national contract of “one size fits all” type was failing by the mid-1990s to serve the needs of the GP and the patients in some areas of the country, particularly noted in the deprived areas of the inner cities. In a study in East London in 2000, 62% of the practices were registered for CHS activities and 71% provided a service for child health clinic.

General Practice and Chronic Disease:

Chronic Disease Management in general practice involves appropriate prevention, early identification and best practice management strategies. A recent survey was conducted to provide baseline data on chronic disease management (CDM). This survey included primary care physicians in 11 countries thus allowing international comparisons. About 63% of general practitioners reported significant changes that are required to make chronic disease management work better. In the study conducted by health authorities, the percentage of people suffering from long-term health conditions were as follows, 14.8% suffering with arthritis, 13.6% with mental and behavioural conditions, 10.2% with asthma, 4.7% with heart diseases. Some estimates suggest that the cost of potentially preventable hospital admissions from chronic disease is $2 billion each year. The analysis of 11,103 patients with asthma in the Medical Director data indicated that only 4.1 per cent had spirometry measures in 2013-14.24 similarly, for patients with COPD (3,646) only 4.6 per cent had spirometry measurements recorded. Chronic diseases are hard to cure, so it is better to prevent them when possible.


General Practice and Dermatology:

Consultations for dermatology problems in general practice have risen and up to 15% of General practice consultations now relate to problems with the skin. Previous studies have suggested that approximately one-quarter of the population has a skin problem which could benefit from medical care, yet about 80% of the people do not seek medical support. Skin disease generally affects 25-33% of the population at any one time. Skin conditions accounts for 4.4% of all medical outpatient activity and around 1.6% of all hospital bed occupancy. Skin diseases constitutes for 0.46% of all deaths at all ages from all causes. Melanoma skin cancer alone accounted for 1142 deaths in England and Wales in 1992. Skin diseases account for around 70% of the consultations in General Practice Consultations. Coming to the individual country statistics, the $10.1 billion U.S. dermatology market is expected to grow to $13.1 million by 2017. The dermatology practice management industry remains fragmented and ripe for consolidation.

General Practice and Education and Research :

General practice adheres to core values of universal access, patient centred and population based care over time, and efficient organization and advocacy. In developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, Asia majority of the largest corporations employ approximately 15% of GPs and manage 5% of their respective country's general practice. The 2015 annual report indicates employment of 17,000 staff members over all operations, including 45 hospitals for in- and out-patients. The report also states that over two million GP consultations were completed in the previous 12 months. Latest statistics suggest that increase in funding will increase by $2.5 billion a year, in order to increase the workforce of GP’s by another 5,000 by 2020.


General Practice and Minor Surgery:

Minor surgery in general practice is being practiced since long time and it is cost effective and patient friendly. Referral rates differed between diagnoses, with 1.0% of referrals for a laceration, 8.2% for a sebaceous cyst and 10.2% for benign neoplasm skin. The General practitioners performed minor surgery for a cut in 8.9% of the care-episodes, for a benign neoplasm skin/nevus in 27.4% of cases and for a sebaceous cyst in 26.4%. GP practices that performed more minor surgery interventions had a lower referral rate for patients with a laceration and those with a sebaceous cyst but not for people with benign neoplasm skin/nevus. However, the absolute difference in referral rate appeared to be relevant only for sebaceous cysts. After the inclusion criteria, a total of 14203 patients and 15923 care-episodes were included in the analyses.

General Practice and Elderly care:

General Practice and Elderly care for the most part focuses on elderly care and recovery, medicine for the elderly, falls among the elderly. The elderly care showcase is assessed to develop from $319.8 billion out of 2013 to $436.6 billion by 2018, with a compound yearly development rate (CAGR) of 6.4% for the five-year time frame, 2013 to 2018. One statistical surveying supplier evaluates that the worldwide home health services segment should see incomes develop to $300Bn in 2020 from $180Bn in 2014 - a compound yearly development rate of 8%. In a current overview, 90% of seniors communicated a want to stay in their homes as long as physically conceivable, and with progresses in home human services innovation this ought to be progressively conceivable.

General Practice and Nursing:

General practice nursing is an area with a scope of fastest growth within the healthcare sector. The proportion of consultations with nurses has increased by 20% since 2012 but patients with diabetes made fewer consultations per year in 2017 compared with 2012. According to the statistics about 40-50% of the consultations involve nurses. A recent study of 25 practices identified six roles of nurses in general practice: patient carer, organiser, quality controller, problem solver, educator and agent of connectivity. The general nursing workforce increased by only 6.6%. A study stated that 43.5% of the observed nurse time was spent on clinical activities, of which 21% were funded through Medicare. The study indicated that GPs spent on average 36% of their time on non-patient tasks (administration, phone calls, practice management etc.) and that Practice nurses spend an average of 65% of their time on non-patient tasks.

General Practice and Sexual Health:

General practice has a critical part in the administration of sexual medical issues, adopting an all encompassing and incorporated strategy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) measures that very nearly 20 million new STIs happen every year in this country, half of those among youths developed 15– 24. CDC gauges that undiscovered STIs make 24,000 ladies end up plainly barren every year. The aggregate assessed coordinate cost of STIs every year in the U.S. about $16 billion. HPV is in charge of around 31,500 instances of tumor every year, including almost all instances of cervical and butt-centric growth, around 75% of vaginal malignancy, 70% of oropharyngeal disease, and 69% of vulvar malignancy. In 2015, 39,513 individuals were determined to have HIV disease in the U.S. in 2015. The above information has been assembled and deciphered from a scope of sources.

General Practice and Public Health:

General Practitioners have usually fixated on giving fundamental care to individuals who present to their helpful practice with various sicknesses. Amid 2008-20, this division is relied upon to record a CAGR of 16.5 for each penny. The aggregate general wellbeing segment is relied upon to achieve USD160 billion by 2017 and USD280 billion by 2020. Of the aggregate human services incomes, healing centres represent 71 for each penny, pharmaceuticals for 13 for each penny, and restorative gear and supplies for 9 for every penny. By 2030, the quantity of individuals under Medicare will ascend to around 82 million because of the huge number of Americans who will happen to qualified age. National consumptions on Medicaid are assessed to be $586.5 billion of every 2017. General wellbeing consumptions were evaluated to be $3.54 trillion of every 2017, and are anticipated to take off to $5.55 trillion out of 2025. Human services costs keep on rising all through the created world.

General Practice and Infectious Diseases:

General Practitioners are being more than ever in managing the complicated infectious diseases .The global infectious disease therapeutics market size was valued at USD 46.88 billion in 2016 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.6% during the forecast period. Antibiotic treatments for bacterial and fungal diseases at 53% of the total infectious disease treatment market are known to share the largest market.  Fungal disease treatments will experience a slightly higher compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2%, from $4.6 billion in 2015 to $6.2 billion in 2017. The largest share was held by Northern America.


General Practice and Mental Health :

The mental health care system in the world is over-burdened, underfunded and highly unorganized despite attempts to move mental illness out of the shadows and onto the radar of policy and decision-makers. In fact, the Public Health Agency reported that neuropsychiatric disorders had the highest expenditure for direct health services and the third-highest expenditure for indirect costs to the economy, related to illness, disability or premature death. In 2008, the economic burden of mental illness was estimated to be $51 billion annually, a nearly 7-fold increase from a 1993 analysis that estimated the burden to be around $7.3 billion. Forecasts approximate that direct costs related to mental illness over the next 30 years are likely to exceed $2.3 trillion.


General Practice and Family Practice:

General practice, its training groups and their fundamental therapeutic administrations associations incorporate the foundations of an intense human administrations system. General wellbeing oversees body parts. In developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, Asia majority of the largest corporations employ approximately 15% of GPs and manage 5% of their respective country's general practice. The 2015 annual report indicates employment of 17 000 staff members over all operations, including 45 hospitals for in- and out-patients. The report also states that over two million GP consultations were completed in the previous 12 months. Latest statistics suggest that increase in funding will increase by $2.5 billion a year, in order to increase the workforce of GP’s by another 5,000 by 2020.


General Practice and Rural Health:

Rural general practice experts will probably have the capacity to give in-hospital's facility and in addition private counselling room care. Rural residents (83.8%) were less likely to have an exam by a physician than urban residents (86.0%). It is stated that rural women were less likely to report for cervical cancer (84.3%) than were urban women (86.6%). Rural residents (46.3%) were less likely to be screened than urban residents (49.2%). Age is considered as an important predictor for vaccination, For example, People over the age of 85 living in Small Adjacent rural counties had an vaccination rate of 81.8%, compared to 50.2% among those 65 to 74 years old.  The immunization rates were higher in the 75 to 84 year old and the 85 years or older groups.


Emergencies in General Practice:

Emergency care is a role of general practitioners and they should be properly educated, equipped skilled and organize their practices to provide prompt and effective management whenever the need needed. In developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, Asia majority of the largest corporations employ approximately 15% of GPs and manage 5% of their respective country's general practice. The 2015 annual report indicates employment of 17 000 staff members over all operations, including 45 hospitals for in- and out-patients. The report also states that over two million GP consultations were completed in the previous 12 months. Latest statistics suggest that increase in funding will increase by $2.5 billion a year, in order to increase the workforce of GP’s by another 5,000 by 2020.


Entrepreneur Investment Meet:

General Practice 2018  provides great avenues for Investors seeking for investment opportunities and expanding their business horizons.  Our conference is attended by participants from more than 40 countries and attracts an interesting combination of academic researchers, practitioners and individuals who are engaged in general medicine practices thereby providing plenty of networking opportunities and newfound knowledge.


Market Analysis


General Practice 2018 is delighted to greet all attendees, presenters, and exhibitors from all over the world to Madrid, Spain. We are delighted to invite you all to attend and register for the “3rd International Conference on General Practice & Primary Care” (General Practice 2018), which is going to be held during August 16-17, 2018 at Madrid, Spain.

General Practice 2018 Organizing committee is gearing up for an exciting and informative conference program including plenary lectures, symposia, workshops on a variety of topics, poster presentations and various programs for participants from all over the world. We invite you to join us at General Practice 2018, where you will be sure to have a meaningful experience with professionals from around the world. We look forward to see you at Madrid.

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Scope & Importance of General Practice-2018 Conference:

The conference will be organized to bring together healthcare practitioners, Physicians, General Practitioners administrators, policy makers, interns and students associated with the General Practice. Family medicine holds a key position in the healthcare system as a filter and constructor engaged fully with the patient's medical problem, working with the families and the communities, coordinating overall out of hospital, sanatorium and hospital treatments.

General Practitioners are responsible for providing specific health services for registered list of patients and management and organization of work in ambulatory for primary health care, appointment of support staffs, access to health information and providing quality medical care for patients as their ability to properly perform these tasks are improved through the collected experience and the continuous learning process. General Practice should be at the forefront delivering low-cost, high-quality care. So there is a necessity of learning new additional knowledge and developing new skills in terms of management of General Practice.

General practice 2018 helps all the delegates to get updated with the issues relevant to the general practice and the latest technological development. The conference gives a plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and exchange ideas. The conference also provides networking Opportunities.

Study Goals & Objectives:

  • Sharing of scientific knowledge and experience in all areas applied to general practitioners, physicians and related scientific fields
  • Strengthening and expanding the human network of all involved in this field in USA, Europe and globally.
  • Providing opportunities for early career of physicians, doctors, and researchers for their professional development.
  • Providing a forum for scientific exchanges on recent physician concepts.
  • Care should be delivered by larger providers, capable of offering a range of extended services, such as diagnostics, urgent care or minor surgery, seven days a week.
  • Identify knowledge gaps that need to be filled.

Satisfaction ratio regarding a Corporate Medical Practice and Family Practice

Why Madrid, Spain?

The climate of Spain, its geographic location, popular coastlines, diverse landscapes, historical legacy, vibrant culture and excellent infrastructure, has made Spain's international tourist industry among the largest in the world. In the last five decades, international tourism in Spain has grown to become the second largest in the world. In 2015, Madrid’s GDP accounted for almost 19% of the total GDP of Spain and ended the year with the highest GDP per capita of the country, €31,812, which is 36.6% higher than the average GDP per capita.

Target Audience:

Healthcare Professionals, General Practitioners, Primary Care Professional, Nurses, General Physicians, Family Practitioners, Medical practitioners, Physical Assistants, Professors, Directors, Dieticians, Researchers, Nurse Practitioner,  Internists, Residents, fellows Practice Managers and all other aspirants interested in learning more about the conference.

The number of General practitioners has been decreasing now. The number of General Practitioners per 100,000 has been decreasing.

General Practice Associations around the Globe:

  • American Association of General Practitioners
  • Association of Family Practice Physician Assistants
  • Belgian Society for General Practitioners
  • Hunter General Practitioners Association
  • National Association of General Practitioners
  • Portuguese Association of General Practitioners
  • Royal society of general practitioners
  • Society of General Medicine
  • The German Society of General Practice/Family Medicine

Market Analysis:

According to the study conducted by Deloitte funding for general practice is due to fall by 17% in real terms by 2016/18, while patient consultations are set to rise by 69m. The study shows that if current trends continue, funding for general practice across the UK will fall to a record low of just 7.29% of the NHS budget by 2016/18 – down from 8.39% in 2012/13. The number of consultations in general practice has increased as the population has increased in size, grown older, and more and more people have multiple-conditions. However, the share of funding spent on general practice has been falling since 2005/6. In the report, Deloitte projects that funding for general practice will fall from £9.29bn of the current total NHS budget of £110.9bn to only £7.7bn, in today’s money, by 2016/18, a decline of 17.1%.

In a recent poll of members of the public, conducted by ComRes, in March, 60% of the public said they thought that some funding should be moved from other parts of the health service into general practice.

Deloitte estimates that even to stand still, general practice would need £11.47bn – or 9.81% – out of a projected NHS budget of £116.86bn by 2016/18.

According to an article published in Mirror the share of funding for general practice has dipped from 10.6% in 2005/06 to 8.2% in 2013/14.

Size and Quality in General Practice

Disclaimer: The information developed in this report is intended only for the purpose of understanding the scope of hosting related international meetings at the respective locations. This information does not constitute managerial, legal or accounting advice, nor should it be considered as a corporate policy guide, laboratory manual or an endorsement of any product, as much of the information is speculative in nature. Conference Organizers take no responsibility for any loss or damage that might result from reliance on the reported information or from its use.


Past Conference Report

General Practice 2017

We would like to thank all of our wonderful keynotes, speakers, conference attendees, students, associations, media partners, exhibitors and guests for making General Practice 2017 a successful event.

Conference Series hosted the 2nd International Conference on General Practice and Primary Care during September 18-19, 2017 at Hilton Zurich Terminal, Zurich, Switzerland with the theme “Bringing Innovations into Patient care through practice based research”. Benevolent response and active participation was received from the Editorial Board Members of supporting International Journals as well as from the leading academic scientists, researchers, research scholars, students and leaders from the fields of General Practice and Primary Care who made this event successful.

The conference was marked by the attendance of young and brilliant researchers, business delegates and talented student communities representing more than 18 countries, who have driven this event into the path of success. The conference highlighted through various sessions on current retroviral research.

General Practice 2017 witnessed an amalgamation of peerless speakers who enlightened the crowd with their knowledge and confabulated on various new-fangled topics related to the fields of General Practice 2017.

The meeting was carried out through various sessions, in which the discussions were held on the following major scientific tracks:

  • General Practice and Primary Care
  • General Practice and General Medicine
  • General Practice and Clinical Pharmacy
  • General Practice and Family Practice
  • General Practice and Rural Health
  • General Practice and Public Health
  • General Practice and Cancer and Palliative Care
  • General Practice and Other Diseases 
  • General Practice and Respiratory medicine
  • Emergencies in General Practice

The conference proceedings were carried out through various Scientific-sessions and plenary lectures. The conference was embarked with an opening ceremony followed by a series of lectures delivered by both Honourable Guests and members of the Keynote forum.

The event enlightened various areas of General Practice, with Workshops and plenary lectures from the speakers of various universities and organizations like

  • Heike Schutze | Australian Health Service Research Center | Australia
  • Helen Senderovich | University of Toronto| Canada
  • Melanie Köller | College of Medicine | Germany
  • Avi Benov | Meir Medical Center | Israel
  • Norita Hussein | University of Malaya | Malaysia
  • Aisha Sehari | Tripoli University | Libya
  • Judith Barrientos | National Institute of Paediatrics| Mexico
  • Abdia Naidoo| Integrated Well-being Services| South Africa

We are also obliged to various delegate experts, company representatives and other eminent personalities who supported the conference by facilitating active discussion forums. We sincerely thank the Organizing Committee Members for their gracious presence, support, and assistance towards the success of General Practice 2017.

With the grand success of General Practice 2017, Conferenceseries is proud to announce the "3rd International Conference on General Practice and Primary Care” to be held during August 16-17, 2018 in Madrid, Spain.

For more information please visit:



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To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date August 16-17, 2018 Madrid, Spain

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Past Conference Report

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